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There was a time when it was up to nature to keep us alive. Now it is up to us to decide how nature can survive. 

We announced the "Planet and City" environmental award in this spirit. We have nominated individuals, institutions, NGOs, companies and products that are committed to protecting nature and our environment in their daily lives, and work closely with the economy to make it sustainable and develop a circular economy in their area.

The award also has an international category, which can be received by anyone who contributes to the environment and nature or engages in collaboration related to Hungary or the Hungarian community.

Planet and City Award Ceremony 2023

On June 28th, the Planet and City Environmental Awards were presented at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The prizes were awarded by the professional community of the Planet and City Environmental Portal to 19 organizations and individuals who have done the most to preserve the values of nature and the environment. The awards were presented by János Árpád Potápi, State Secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad. The event was also attended by Ecuadorian Ambassador, José Luis Salazar Arrarte, and former President, Pál Schmitt.

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On June 5, 2021, World Environment Day, the Planet and City Environment Portal launched the Planet and City Environment Award, which was now presented for the second time to 19 winners. The Environmental Award is intended to reward the creators of products, companies and institutions that have made their mark on our environment and the latest progress that has helped promote sustainable development. The nomination process was open and readers of the portal could nominate anyone from Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. The award can go to both foreigners and expats working in Hungary. The selection process took eight months. The winners received a cash prize and also a custom glass award. The awards were presented by János Árpád Potápi, State Secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad.

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Awarded people 2023

The Carpathian Basin must be regarded as a single entity in the context of environmental protection as well, since environmental pollution abroad appears in our home country within days or hours.The Hungarian Academy of Sciences is a fitting venue for the presentation of the awards, and reflects the prestige of the recognition. The award was presented to a number of recipients from Hungary and abroad. This year's recipients also came from Upper Hungary (Felvidék) and Vojvodina.

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Árpád János Potápi, state secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad

In his short speech, János Árpád Potápi, State Secretary for National Policy, emphasized that in the past decades we have repeatedly observed that environmental pollution not only can cause problems in our immediate environment, but also has a major impact on the whole region. Therefore, it is very important to think at the level of the Carpathian Basin, because if pollution affects any of the Carpathian Basin regions, its effects can be felt in our country within a few hours or a day or two.

"When we discuss national policy and unity, we must also consider unity in the economic sphere and in the environmental sphere. This is why it is important that the award winners include Hungarians from abroad, as this also shows the unity across national borders, and that we Hungarians are doing everything we can in the interests of our own country and the Carpathian Basin in the fields of economy, education and environmental protection".

Award winners

Dr. Tibor István Asztalos
Dr. Tibor István Asztalos
category: nature photographer 
Batthyány-Schmidt Margit
Margit Batthyány- Schmidt
category: Women
Zoltán Bíró, Managing Director of Ferzol Ltd.
Zoltán Bíró, Managing Director of Ferzol Ltd.
category: Eco-innovation
Ildikó Bozókiné Szabó
Ildikó Bozókiné Szabó
category: Institution, Kindergarten
category: Nature Conservationist

Anikó Fekete
Anikó Fekete
category: Future-Building Nature Conservationist

Attila Gyuris
Attila Gyuris
category: eco-lab, greenhouse
Ferenc Halász
Ferenc Halász
category: Ecotourism

Norbert Havas
Norbert Havas
c ategory: ecodigitalization, artificial intelligence
Péter Gergő Juhász
Péter Gergő Juhász
Planetrise Association
category: NGO

Ernő Kiss - Planet and City award
Ernő Kiss
category: Environmental Management, Southern Land (Délvidék), Vojvodina (Vajdaság)
Éva Bartucz accepted the award in his absence.
Terézia Klemen
Terézia Klemen
Rotary Club Komárom
category: NGO
Alexandra Kókai-Oszfolk
Alexandra Kókai-Oszfolk
Sündörgők Animal Rescue and Protection Association
category: NGO

José Luis Salazar - Hungarian ambassador of Ecuador
Metropolitan Touring (Ecuador)
Category: eco-innovation
The award was accepted by the Hungarian ambassador of Ecuador, José Luis Salazar.
Dávid Pászthy - Nature Photographer
Dr. Csaba Gyula Ruszkai Csaba PhD
Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, Eger
category: institution
Schremmer István
István Schremmer
category: renewable energy, recycling

Dominik Zsombor Tóth
Dominik Zsombor Tóth
category: environmentalist

Balázs Tuzson
János Tuzson, Botanist
category: Posthumous
The award was accepted by his grandson, Balázs Tuzson

Kelemen Julia
Gyula Vitéz
Hermann Ottó Primary School, Budafok
category: institution
The award was accepted by his colleague, Júlia Kelemen.

Planet and City Award Ceremony 2022

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we announced the Planet and City Environmental Award, which was presented today at a ceremony at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Our professional jury awarded 18 organisations and individuals out of hundreds of nominees.

Planet and City awards

Planet and City Awards 2022

The awards were presented by János Árpád Potápi, state secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad, and Csaba Gór, local councillor, Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary candidate, and trustee of Klebesberg Castle in the second district. 

Potapi Arpad Janos

Árpád János Potápi, state secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad, highlighted in his welcome speech that humanity has initiated processes that threaten the fragile balance of the planet, and therefore everything must be done to stop and reverse these processes.

He pointed out that environmental problems often do not arise where the pollutants are released. As he said, we have experienced this several times in the middle of the Carpathian Basin over the past decades, which is why he said that cooperation in the Carpathian Basin is particularly important.

The state secretary stressed that we are part of a united Carpathian Basin, whether in terms of education, culture, history or environmental protection. Decades of irresponsibility and procrastination have led to the fact that we are already in the last hour when we can still do something to save the planet, and we must raise awareness of this by all means," he said.

Gor Csaba

Csaba Gór said that as a local councillor and constituency chairman, one of his most important tasks is to promote environmental protection and green innovation. To this end, they have developed a separate concept called the Green Future of Buda.

He stressed that the natural assets of Buda are unique in a global urban environment. Preserving and developing these assets and making them climate-resilient are the most important goals. They also want to set an example for the whole country. Many green innovations will be needed in the Buda area, and local entrepreneurs need to be empowered to take an interest in all things green and innovative green space.

Schmitt Pál, Szalay-Bobrovniczky Vince, Csáky Pál

Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Pál Schmitt, Pál Csáky

The award gala was also highlighted by Pál Schmitt, the former President of the Hungary, Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Deputy State Secretary for Civil and Social Relations of the Prime Minister's Office, and former MEP Pál Csáky.

The Environment Award was presented for the first time in 2022. The award was presented by the professional community of the Our Planet and Our City environmental portal to the organisations, businesses and individuals who have done the most to preserve the values of nature and the environment.

The nomination was open and readers of the portal could nominate anyone from Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. The award was open to Hungarians, Hungarians living abroad or foreigners working in Hungary.

Award winners

Jane Goodall Institute, NGO, Gáspár Zita
Jane Goodall Institute
Gáspár Zita
category: NGO
Zsombor Máthé - Young ornithologist
Zsombor Máthé
category: Young ornithologist
Dávid Pászthy - Nature Photographer
Dávid Pászthy
category: Nature Photographer
Réka Nagy Journalist
Réka Nagy
category: Journalist
Szabadi Edit, Balatonarácsi Reformed Parish Kindergarten, category: "Institution, Kindergarten"
Balatonarácsi Reformed Parish Kindergarten
Szabadi Edit
category: Institution, Kindergarten
Újlengyeli Primary School, Katalin Berecz, Institution, School
Újlengyeli Primary School
Katalin Berecz
category: Institution, School
University of Pécs, Faculty of Culture, Pedagogy and Rural Development, Prof. Dr. Zsolt Nemeskéri, Institution, University
University of Pécs, Faculty of Culture, Pedagogy and Rural Development
Prof. Dr. Zsolt Nemeskéri
category: Institution, University
Bakó Gardening Ltd, Geofish Ltd, Dániel Bakó, Renewable energy
Bakó Gardening Ltd., Geofish Ltd.
Dániel Bakó
category: Renewable energy
Zsófia Závody-Fodor, CoreComm Si Ltd., Renewable energy, innovation
CoreComm Si Ltd.
Zsófia Závody-Fodor 
category: Renewable energy, innovation
Kinga Tamási, Eszter Borsodi, Eco-innovation, recycling
Kinga Tamási, Eszter Borsodi
category: Eco-innovation, recycling
MZ/X-Robotix Ltd., Szabolcs Orbán, owner, E-mobility, robotics
MZ/X-Robotix Ltd.
Szabolcs Orbán, owner
category: E-mobility, robotics
László Potoczky, Greentech Energy Ltd., Energetika
Greentech Energy Ltd.
László Potoczky
category: Energetics
Clean city Kft. Mária Farkas, Waste management, Komárom
Clean city Ltd., Komárom
Mária Farkas
category: Waste management 
Imre Forró, Akuflat bench, Eco-innovation-noise protection, Guta
Akuflat bench, Guta
Imre Forró
category: Eco-innovation-noise protection
Norbert Moraru-Petricã, Protector of Nature, Odorheiu Secuiesc
Norbert Moraru-Petricã
city: Odorheiu Secuiesc
category: Protector of Nature
Elemér Demény, Environmentalist, traditionalist, Kalonda
Elemér Demény
city:  Kalonda
category: Environmentalist, traditionalist
Béla Francz, Environmentalist, Körösmező
Béla Francz
city:  Körösmező
category: Environmentalist
On the Photo: Molnár Attila Dávid, Silimon Emese, Potápi Árpád János.

At the time of the award ceremony, Béla Francz was cleaning the River Tisza in Ukraine with his colleagues, and his message was: "I am not running away, I am cleaning the River Tisza."
Péter Hajas, Environmental Management
Péter Hajas
category: Environmental Management

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